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At 458 West we offer monthly prix fixe dinners, wine events and other opportunities to get together with friends and neighbors for good food, wine and conversation. 

Beaujolais, Bandol and Bubbles

French Wine Dinner - Sunday April 21st from 3pm-6pm, $55

We’re taking a casual detour from how we usually do wine dinners to offer a lovely, three-course bistro meal, paired with your choice of wine flights. To make it even easier, you can pick what time you want to come by and enjoy it.

Our friend Greg Pfaender from Authentique Vin will be here, showcasing his delicious and very affordable French wines. First off, Greg is outstanding at these types of things, because he’s not only a great guy, but also a walking encyclopedia on all things that can get you drunk. Seriously, if you have any questions about ANY wines, not just his, or beer, or cider, or spirits... try him. You’re bound to get a very good answer.

Greg started working with importer Thomas Meunier of Authentique Vin because he loved the wines Thomas brings in. And, what’s not to love? They have outstanding representation in Beaujolais and the Loire Valley (featuring some of those region’s top producers) as well as some very tempting offerings from the rest of France. And they always seem to cost less than you expect them to.

I had lunch with Thomas about a year ago and he was excited to show me his new Bandol (I LOVE Bandol) and both the rose and rouge were delicious and more attractively priced than any other in the market. Of course they were. That’s how Thomas rolls. Both of these will be featured at the dinner and you’d be a fool not to go long on them. Unlike many roses, Bandol tends to get better with a few years on it. And, for the life of me, I can’t comprehend why Bandol Rouge is not wildly popular in this country. It is, at once, structured, juicy, approachable, and nuanced. It’s a crowd-pleaser that is still a serious drink.

But the real stars of Authentique Vin come from the Loire Valley and Beaujolais, so those will certainly be represented. I was floored by the sparkling Blanc de Noirs of Chateau de la Durandiere, as it captures the aromatic splendor of Cabernet Franc in a refreshing and lively package. Everyone at the tasting where I tried it was talking about it.

Okay, I’m not going to talk about each and every wine we’re having on Sunday because this is already getting carried away. However, I hope I’ve conveyed how excited I am about these wines… Okay, one more. The Marsannay Rose from Olivier Guyot is insanely good. I love his wines and that rose is just so damned pretty. Alright, I’m done now.

So, to recap: We’ll be offering a three-course meal that includes a choice of one of three different wine flights (sparkling, rose, or red). So, if you want to, pick two between you and your dining companion and you’ll have six wines to taste. Plus, you can purchase more flights if you want to. Just tell us when you want to arrive when you make your reservation and that’s that.

Wine Flights

Sparkling Flight:

NV Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot Cremant du Jura Extra Brut reg $34.99/$29.99 by the case

2022 Domaine Mabileau “Lunatic” Pet Nat (Chenin Blanc) $29.99

Chateau de la Durandiere Blanc de Noirs (Cabernet Franc) $29.99

Rose Flight:

2022 Olivier Guyot Marsannay Rose $34.99

2021 Mas Daumas Gassac Rose Frizant (Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvedre, and others) $29.99

2022 Maubernard Bandol Rose (Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Grenache) $29.99

Red Flight:

2022 Lardy Moulin a Vent “Les Michelons” (Gamay) $29.99

2021 Dupre Morgon VV ‘1935’ (Gamay) $19.99

2018 Dom. Maubernard Bandol Rouge (Mourvèdre) $29.99

The Menu

Jambon Beurre, salad of butter lettuce and radishes, and herbed pate

House-made garlic sausage, braised in Beaujolais, served with French green lentils and root vegetables

Poached pear with creme chantilly and cookies

super tuscan_edited.jpg

Super Tuscan Dinner: Poggio al Tesoro - Bolghieri Wine Dinner with winemaker Christian Coco

February 28th at 7pm; $109

Join us for some stellar wines from the Tuscan coast and a delicious Italian meal. We were floored by the quality of these wines when we tasted them, they’re unmistakably Italian, but also polished and generous. And, while, they are rich and succulent enough to be great on their own, they absolutely beg for food. So food they shall have.

We’re also thrilled to have the winemaker, Christian Coco join us to speak about these gems, so that will be particularly nice.

As for the food itself, believe it or not, I’m particularly looking forward to the first course. Besides the fact that the Vermentino nearly stole the show from the very impressive reds, we’ll be using eggs from chickens that live on-site and the pairing has all the makings of one of those where you don’t know where the wine ends and the food begins. That said, I’m REALLY looking forward to the entire meal because I love risotto and a classic Tuscan steak dish.

The reds are the main event. The ripe and supple Mediterra should really be a lovely match for the risotto and the Il Seggio and Sondraia, two Bordeaux blends, one right bank inspired, the other left bank will prove both interesting and flat-out delicious.

The stunning Cabernet Franc based Dedicato a Walter, we’re keeping it very simple and bringing in the exquisite and Italian-inspired cheeses from local creamery Boxcarr to highlight this exceptional wine.


Poggio al Tesoro Vermentino

Warm salad of escarole and pancetta with roasted radishes and poached egg

Toscana Mediterra

Risotto with braised pork, poached figs, and Locatelli cheese

Il Seggio/Sondraia

“Bistecca Fiorentini”

Dedicato a Walter

Assorted Boxcarr soft cheeses

2022 Solosole Vermentino $22

2021 Mediterra $22

2020 Il Seggio $44

2019 Sondraia $79

2019 Dedicato a Walter $179

Rioja Dinner - Lopez de Heredia and Pork!

Thursday, February 1st at 7pm; $95


A note from Chef Charlie Deal:

"There aren’t many wines like this; highly coveted, hard to find, yet relatively inexpensive. But the wines of Lopez de Heredia check all those boxes. Highly coveted? Ask any sommelier worth their salt to list off their favorite Riojas and most start here and none get to their 2nd or 3rd favorite without mentioning these wines. Hard to find? Well, they don’t make a lot of it, hold it back at the winery far longer than most, and most of it gets snapped up by the aforementioned somms. Relatively inexpensive? Let’s just say this. Given both of the previous factors, if this was Burgundy or California Cabernet, these wines would cost several hundred dollars a bottle. But they don’t. Not even close.

In fact, given the confluence of those three factors, one could argue that these wines represent some of the best values in wine.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get any of the white, and just have a couple of bottles of the very rare rose, but are proud to anchor the meal with three of the outstanding reds; Cubillo Crianza, Bosconia Reserva, and Tondonia Reserva (The Holy Trinity of Rioja!!!)

As far as the food is concerned, we thought that a pork-centric meal would be a great fit. From the chorizo in the Rioja-style potatoes, to the luscious braised pork cheeks, we promise the food will be a lovely compliment. And, if you haven’t had pork cheeks, you’re going to wonder where they’ve been all your life."


First Course - Gambas a la Plancha (white prawns with garlic and parsley)

Mestres Cava

Second Course - Patatas a la Riojana (potatoes cooked with chorizo and smoked paprika)

2021 Mi Villa Rioja Blanco

Third Course - Lomo con frijoles blanco (grilled pork loin with white bean ragout)

2015 Lopez de Heredia Cubillo Crianza

Fourth Course - Carrillada con Rioja (pork cheese braised in Rioja)

2012 Lopez de Heredia Bosconia Reserva

2011 Lopez de Heredia Tondonia Reserva

Dessert Course -Torrijas con naranja (fried bread with bitter orange syrup)

2012 Lopez de Heredia Rosado Tondonia Gran Reserva

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